One of the tracks didn't finish uploading, how can I recover it?




  • heikeyoung

    I have a question about this part:

    "You can get this link by navigating to the recording page yourself as the host and copy/pasting the url.  It should have a unique id on the end.  This will take them to the proper recording page.  Otherwise they will be taken to the last recording in the episode.
    Regular episode invite link example:
    Direct recording link example:"

    How do you get this URL? When I'm in the recording page for the episode w/ audio upload problems, I don't see any detailed URLs for separate tracks. I tried right-clicking and it still doesn't show up.
  • lakerfilmroom

    That URL only appears when you have more than one recording (not microphones, but multiple takes) under each episode. So when you have multiple recordings and you select one, then you get that link.

  • Josh Nielsen

    lakerfilmroom is right.  You only need the unique url if there is more than one recording per episode and you will only see the unique urls in this case.  If there is only one recording in an episode, then you can send your guest the link without the unique id on the end and it should work fine.

  • Johan Abildskov

    I am in the situation of being the guest in this scenario. I do not have any context menu when I visit the unique url. How do I recover in this scenario. I am on Windows 10, and on Google Chrome.

  • psychopharm

    How can the guest recover the file?

  • themshow

    I just had something new where the automatic download did not run and when I clicked on the guest files they would not download. When I looked up in the address bar the Chrome pop-up blocker was preventing it. I clicked that to allow pop-ups and it's all good again.


    So I'm on Firefox and have the role of guest. one of our recordings didn't upload and now when I attempt to upload it again (having received the link from the host) I am unable to do so. I get a popup error message stating: Unable to export backup audio for local download: Error: Store is empty

    Is there some other way to locate the file on my computer? Most grateful for help

  • christof66

    I have the same issue as XAHHEC - I am a host and my guest's track is showing as unfinalized. When I finalize it, I get a message: 'Processing audio - Error Uploading Track" also in the top right hand side of the screen I see a message: "Unable to export backup audio for local download: Error: Store is empty"

  • Josh Nielsen

    @christof66, this looks like a bug. I'll look into it. 

    In the mean time, the work around should be to have Sophie return to the recording page with the same computer and browser as was originally used and have them click on their own track.  The backup of Sophies track is stored on her computer only so it needs to be retried from there. 

    I've sent you an email as well to make sure you get this

  • christof66

    Thanks Josh!

    All sorted, yes, when Sophie jumped back onto the recording page she was able to sort it out and I received the file...






    Hi Josh most grateful if you could get in touch with me too, ive waited for two months for a reply to my similar question above /XAHHEC

  • Josh Nielsen

    @XAHHEC can you please shoot an email to with a link to the recording page in question.  Then we can investigate further.  Thanks!

  • rebeccakemp

    @joshnielsen I am having a similar issue as Christoff66 but the guest is unable to download her local recording. Can you please assist?

  • Josh Nielsen

    @rebeccakemp can you please shoot an email to with a link to the recording page in question.  Then we can investigate further.  Thanks!

  • morgsza

    Hi everyone - I know this thread was a little while ago but I found it because I was having exactly this problem. The support team have been great but I'm still struggling. I completely understand that I have to send my guest the unique URL but the problem was I couldn't find it. I had two recordings in that session (which makes things more complicated) and they both had the shorter, initial invite URL. Nowhere could I find the unique one. Support were able to send it and I have recovered the file from the guest. But what am I missing? the URL existed somewhere. Can you help?

  • morgsza

    I was also getting the message that Christoff66 was getting. Really hope I can sort this - thanks in advance

  • podcastingtq

    i got the same message! PRAYING i didn't lose the recording. the guest couldn't find in their backup

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