Does Zencastr support mobile/phone?




  • nikname

    Very exciting!! Can't wait.

  • christiechapman

    Hi there! 


    I am planning on launching a company podcast in which we will be conducting remote interviews and recording them via Zencastr. I know you have stated that the platform is not currently supported by mobile, but do you have any suggestions for overcoming this problem? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 

  • Erica M.

    Hi there. Erica here, from Zencastr Support.

    Sorry for the delay responding to your comment here.

    We still do not support mobile because mobile platforms don't yet support the APIs needed for Zencastr to work while retaining separate tracks for each person and this is important for editing.

    Since the quality you can expect to get from a mobile device isn't podcast quality, I would look for guests who are able to record with their computers. Most podcast guests will have either a computer or laptop with a built-in mic and a set of headphones or earbuds, so I would recommend letting guests know that all they'll need is to visit the URL you provide them. This may assuage any concerns they have about complexity or inconvenience. 

    That said, if there is a high-value guest who absolutely must use a cell phone, Google Voice may be a good alternative way to record with that guest. The quality won't be as good - it will sound like a phone call - and you won't end up with separate tracks for each participant, but it will allow you to capture a recording with a guest who wasn't able to use Zencastr. 

    There is an article here that will help you with a Google Voice recording: 

    Please let us know if there is anything else we can help with. 

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