Should I use Zencastr's VoIP over Skype's?

The benefits of Zencastr's built in VoIP is that it is simpler for everyone to not have multiple programs to worry about. Zencastr can also apply some echo cancellation if it is handling the VoIP stream. Only the host needs an account. Anyone can join the call and use the VoIP. Most people who use Skype alongside Zencastr do so because they want video as well as audio, or they want to continue to run a Skype Call Recorder as a backup recording.


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    Michael Lofton

    Good, but for clarification and in hopes it may also assist others... Question.

    ? - So, in order to provide for a Skype backup recording (both audio and video) how does one connect to Zencastr and 'still' retain the Skype connection and the backup recording with both parties on the line?

    eg.? - Does the admin retain the Skype connection with its interview individual and also assign the Zencastr log in to the interviewee?

    Or, are you saying that you 'can not' do both at the same time?


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    Erica M

    Hi Michael. 


    To use Skype or another third party VoIP provider, you can indicate that you'd like to do so in the settings. 

    There is another article here that details this more:

    Good luck!

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