The user's microphone must properly connected and delivering an active audio signal


The application was unable to detect an active audio signal coming from the selected microphone.


NOTICE: If the participant experiencing this problem is using Firefox, please have them switch to using Chrome.  There seems to be an outstanding bug in the Firefox browser that is causing this issue while Chrome should work fine.

Check to make sure that the microphone or audio interface is properly turned on and not muted.  In the case that you are using a condenser microphone that requires 48volt phantom power, ensure that your audio interface has this capability and that phantom power is enabled on the device.

It can sometimes help to make sure that the desired audio device is selected as the default device input and output device in the operating system preferences.  Then in Zencastr's audio settings (gear icon in the top right of the recording page) simply select the 'Default' setting for input and output.  Then completely close and re-open the browser.  This will cause Zencastr to use whatever is selected in the operating system preference and can sometime work around any device selection troubles.


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