All tracks must have received a cloud storage upload url

Zencastr streams each participant's tracks to our cloud servers as they are recorded.  In order to do this, each track must have a cloud upload url assigned to it in advance.  If these urls are missing, then the uploads cannot succeed.


The participant's tracks were not properly assigned cloud upload urls.  Most likely this is an internet connection issue.


Try having the participant refresh the page.  If refreshing doesn't help and the recording seems stuck in a failed state, then create a new episode and having them join you there.  Also, please report this to so we can further investigate the source of the problem.


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    This information is great and would be super helpful if I could get Dropbox to connect. But every time I push the button, I get a 400 error message. Since there is no other option for cloud storage (such as icloud) available on Zencaster, I'm literally stuck.

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    Experiencing the exact same problem here. I have had this happen about 3 times also literally stuck. 

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    I'm getting the exact same error and it's been going on for about three weeks.  Still no resolution.  When will this be fixed?

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    Josh Nielsen

    Hey Guys,

    Very sorry for the issue.  There was a window of time where we weren't properly redirecting traffic from to our main domain (note the missing e).  If you happened to type in during this time, it would cause this problem as the url didn't match what was expected by dropbox.  A fix is now live for this and it shouldn't be an issue moving forward.



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